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The BetaFiles: The Hate Machine Part 3 – Guns and the National Media The BetaFiles Podcast

***CORRECTION*** In the Podcast I mention that Tucker Carlson is a graduate of Georgetown. I am wrong in this and apologize. Tucker Carlson went to St. George's school for boys then to Trinity College of Connecticut where he received a BA in History. ***CORRECTION*** Dr. J stops by again this week to discuss how the news media has ruined any form of debate over guns.

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Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

“Our job as Americans…is to dislodge the traitors from every place where they’ve been sent to do their traitorous work.”

This quote represents the ongoing fight in America against the tyranny of a long held destructive philosophy. The man who spoke it chose his side against an evil that was corrupting minorities within the social fabric of our country. Defending against the threat, he laid his career on the line, sacrificed his public standing, and helped solidify American values in the public eye while also helping to corner and suppress the very people who threatened to destroy the values of American democracy that had been built on shaky and questionable individuals he sought to rid from the history books. We should all hail him as a true American hero who helped set the template by which our current culture is adhering in the current movement to root out racial inequalities in every aspect of our culture. Join me as I thank Mr. Joseph McCarthy, Junior Senator from Wisconsin. [MORE]

The Dark Knight Returns, maybe

Earlier this week, a rumor started circulating within all the major comic news outlets claiming that Michael Keaton has signed a multi-picture deal to reprise this roll of Batman, specifically the same Batman that appeared in 1989’s “Batman” and 1992’s “Batman Returns,” ignoring the 2 films made by the late director Joel Schumacher. [MORE]

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Monkey Wrench

Over the past two weeks there has been a toxic bath of sludge brewing in the liberal left media. While cancel culture has been having a field day, pockets of the traditionally left media have taken time to examine how the establishment as a whole (liberal media establishment) has misreported, misidentified, covered up, ignored, and slowly begun to institute police state style pressure on journalists within their own ranks. One of these reporters who has called them out on it is a man by the name of Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone fame. His biggest critic in refuting his argument is one Nathan Robinson, editor of Current Affairs. What this minor kerfuffle between the two men has shown is actually the exact thing that Taibbi has been arguing for a couple of years now: the liberal left leaning press has devolved into a he said / she said, my argument is right, yours is wrong so get on board or be exterminated ideologically, Hannity and Combs brand of hate filled ire towards anything that doesn’t support a larger hegemonic narrative the millennial “socialists” are trying to shovel. [More]

The BetaFiles Podcast

Special guest Dr. J sits down and discusses how the national media controls the gun debate.

Why Batman Should Not Kill

I’ve often complained to my friends and family about making Batman a killer in Zack Snyder’s “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” I’ve realized however, that I often fail to properly articulate exactly why this angers me as much as it does.

In making Batman a murderer, you’ve taken away a lot of what separates Batman from any other costumed vigilante. Batman’s moral code is what makes him interesting, it’s what makes him special. Once you’ve taken that away, you lose the character. [MORE]

Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Now, more than ever, we need to invest in local news. The national media, with complete disregard to any kind of truly objective reporting on events, has lost all credibility to local communities. We are at a moment in our history where we will have to sever ties with the northeastern elite media machine and focus solely on what is happening in our 1) states, 2) counties, and 3) municipalities (be it towns, villages, or cities). The continued focus of D.C. politics, corporate interests, and northeastern cultural whims has created a destructively divisive society where it does not matter who you are, where you are from, how you were raised, or what beliefs you have as long as you fall in line to the narrative being presented by the toxic division politics of a cancel culture run amuck. We are losing our very way of life to a focused narrative that only vaguely applies to our daily lives. We need to make our stand now before we lose everything. [MORE]

Text Messages from the Living Room

After another YouTube channel brought up an article about social media addiction in the Millennial generation, we put the question forward and got Lauren’s own take on it.

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Territorial Pissings

When I was a teenager, my friends and I used the word “retarded” to denote something that seemed idiotic or stupid. Through different outlets that we were exposed to in our youth, we were taught how to treat disabled people and value them as human beings. Sesame Street, Life Goes On, Mask, and Mr. Rogers all taught us that people were creatures of emotions and feelings, and that we were each responsible for our own actions in how we treated them. We were also taught to own our mistakes and instead of absolving ourselves of any wrongdoing, we were to amend the wrong in the best way possible according to the offended person’s wishes. So when we were told that we could not use the word retarded any more, as we had almost generationally redefined the word from actually referring to a handicapped individual, a large portion of us were offended not because we were being told to do something, but because we were being accused of hurting that malfunctioning stereo or ridiculous idea a friend had while high on pot. The fact that anyone would think we were using the word to hurt an individual shocked us, and quite frankly, we saw the whole notion as retarded. [MORE]

The Optic Poet

In this episode, Jay and I discuss the TV shows that influenced Gen-X both in our youth and now as we’re older and how they inform us now of how we once understood the world around us. New Episodes Every Tuesday. Find us on YouTube here.

Post Malone’s weird history with Rock

My first exposure to “emo” rapper Post Malone was in ninth grade gym class. Specifically, kids would play the song “Rockstar.” I remember at the time turning to a friend of mine and asking him how the hell this could somehow be considered rock music. I silently hypothesized that this “Post Malone” person had likely never held a real instrument in his life. [MORE]


Make it a great day, and always remember: if the sun rises, there is opportunity. Take it.

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