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“Time to Man up, Fellows,” By: Parker Menkin

It’s not a fun time to be a man right now, what with all the terrible behavior being revealed by #MeToo. It’s even worse if you understand that we deserve all those bad feelings and more. So. Much. More. We deserve it because we’ve behaved horribly, whether we’ve perpetrated the awfulness ourselves or told victims we don’t care about what’s happened to them…(More)


Google Translate Poetry: “You Oughta Know”


Is that like me?

Can you ever miss the theater?

Good phrases

And you can still have your baby?

I’m sure they really will be a true mother…

The Files

Google Translate Poetry: “Penny Lane”


Penny Lane is a golf show that shows pictures

You are happy to know each chapter

And all those who come and go

Stop and say “hello”




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Make it a great day, and always remember: if the sun rises, there is opportunity. Take it.


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