Bound for the Floor

As you probably know, on Monday the FBI went in with a search warrant granted by a judge in New York, and confiscated materials from Micahel Cohen’s office, home, and hotel room in search of documents that could shed light on payments made to Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, and information linking McDougal, Trump and the National Inquirer. This came after Trump, on Air Force One last week, told reporters that he knew nothing about payments to Daniels or any one else before the 2016 election. Once the news hit, our Tweeter in Chief went ballistic, and has threatened behind closed doors to get rid of everyone involved at the state department with the Special Council. It is just another week in America under Trump.

With the raid on Monday, it appears that Mueller is getting closer to Trump, and Trump is infuriated over it. He took to Twitter again, calling the investigation fake and a problem that is slowing things down in the White House. The New York Times reported Wednesday that sources noted that he was on the verge of a “meltdown” on Monday, and had to be talked down numerous times.

What concerns me in all of this is simply why he is so emotional over any of this. If he truly believes that he did nothing wrong, and his lawyer was raided – under the pretense that there may have been payments made during the campaign that were illegal, and Trump didn’t know about it – then Trump, the champion of justice, would want to see justice done, and would gladly cooperate with the Feds over the payments he didn’t know about for affairs he didn’t take part in.

It only makes sense to me.

But this is Trump. And nothing makes sense when it comes to Trump.

Since he has taken office, Trump has introduced an unorthodox style of governing – a unique way of understanding the job of President that has gone against all preconceived notions of the job. He’s been rash, bullish, un apologetic, and loud. His constant Tweets have given news media outlets plenty to dissect, discuss, and pour over looking for meaning and deeper cognitive reasons for his actions. There have even been hours of news anchors diving into the question of just how much they should cover his Twitter habit.

Outside of his social media addiction, his administration has baffled everyone as it makes not one or two headlines a week, but three or four a day on average. There seems to be no possible end to the ever continuing stream of news stories that pour out of the White House, leaving so many of us with our heads spinning as we desperately try to keep up.

And in some weird way, they all connect, all part of the same synchronistic thread that runs through the daily news cycle, water tank gossip, tabloid headline, newsfeed crawl of our lives.

One of my concerns with this administration is what will happen once it is over? Regardless of whether you like him or not, he has changed the role of the President and created a space that will never be the same again. Gone are the days of an administration that gains instant respect, a default honor to the American people. The next administration will have a hard time gaining normal back, it will not come over night. It is a task I do not envy.

For now, though, we can only watch as he, this President, re-writes what being President means. Autocratic or patriotic, either way he is changing the way the job is done. And the way he is conducting it, there will be no road map or template as he is making it up as he goes.

And frankly, that’s what scares me the most.

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