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Date: 4/27/18

Episode# BB007

Subject: Classical Education



April 27, 2018. Ronnie Jackson drank his way out of the nomination for the VA, Emanuel Macron throws down the gauntlet to climate change deniers after kissing the ring of the Twitter King, the Supreme Court listens to closing arguments on the Muslim ban that’s not a Muslim ban, Mike Pompeo promises to keep the President’s binky close at hand, Sean Hannity is a douche and now we have proof, Prince William one-ups his brother’s upcoming wedding by bringing home one more mouth to have his servants feed, and Dr J is here to discuss white privilege and the white agenda – Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…-  I’m the Barbour and this is the Beta Files…



The Week in News:

In a time of darkness and cold, when all seems lost to tweets and snatch grabbing, there’s one place that Americans can find solace – the BetaFiles week in News…(soundbite)

Mike Pompeo barely got through committee earlier this week after Trump had to intervene and assure Senator Rand Paul that Pompeo did believe that the Iraq war was a mistake, and that the middle east is in chaos due to events that include the war. Paul had announced reservations over the Secretary of State nominee over his former views of the Iraq war and stability in the region. The CIA director also faced a barrage of questions dealing with how he would deal with an erratic Trump who tends to flip flop on foreign policy by the hour, again assuring Senators that he knows how to handle the president, and can make sure that the US and its interests would be in safe, reliable hands as we inch closer to the extension deadline for the Iran Nuclear deal and the North Korean summit. Pompeo offered one of his tricks in coercing the President’s wild urges by noting “All I have to do is assure the President that where ever I am, there is a McDonald’s and a KFC along with a wall that keeps the other out.”

The senate had confirmed Pompeo by Thursday afternoon as the new Secretary of State.

In a related story, Ronnie Jackson, Trump’s nominee for head of Veteran’s Affairs, found himself in deep poo-poo when the Senate postponed his confirmation hearing after news broke that Jackson tends to get a little loose with his bottle and his mouth while over-looking the ethics of over-prescribing medicine. The news prompted the President on Tuesday to tell Jackson to drop the nomination, then, in an about face later that day, Trump told Jackson, “Ah screw it. If I can win the election after having multiple affairs with porn stars and playmates and admitting that I’m a sexual harasser on tape, a little sauce on the job won’t slow you down. Just make sure you refill that Vicodin script for me.” Early Thursday, Jackson removed himself from the nomination after it was revealed the day before that he once wrecked a federal automobile while under the influence, leaving Trump to find another nominee to fill the spot he opened up more than a month ago.

Sean Hannity just can’t seem to keep his nose out of trouble as revelations this week from The Guardian noted millions of dollars worth of real-estate that Hannity apparently obtained through the use of HUD programs. Why this matters: once again, he did not disclose this information when he had Ben Carson on his show. What makes this story so compelling isn’t how much of a sleaze Hannity is (we already knew that much), but how all of the major media outlets are crying foul over something Hannity and his producers at FoxNews aren’t really phased with “integrity driven” journalism. They have even gone so far as to make sure everyone knows that they know that Hannity isn’t real journalism (even though they continue to present him as such). What this has done is exposed the true nature of FoxNews which is the WWE of American Political Punditry – we know it’s fake, we know its staged, and yet we still want to believe…

On Tuesday, Facebook released its 27 page Community Standards document which lays out the rules of what can and cannot be said on the social network. The move comes in the wake of both the congressional hearings with Mark Zuckerberg and the replacement Tuesday of Erin Egan with Kevin Martin as the head of policy for the interim. The document, again 27 pages long, lays out intolerable content in a variety of categories such as “real world threat,” “hate speech,” “graphic violence,” “child sexual exploitation,” and “adult nudity and sexual activity” or tumbler content. Each category was revealed to have specific definitions for what they look for when reviewing posts and comments. What the document does not address is the how it plans to handle when grandma posts one too many angry cat memes.

In a huge move late Tuesday night, a Federal District Judge ruled that the department of Homeland Security must continue with the DACA program and begin accepting new applications. The Judge, ruling that the reasons given by the Trump administration for ending the program, are not credible enough, and are therefore unlawful, leading the judge to giving the department of homeland secu0rity 90 days to submit real, credible explanations as to why DACA is illegal and a threat to national security, otherwise forfeiting the roll back of the program, and instilling it as a permanent program. Sources close to the president reported that Trump was obviously infuriated, and insisted on the name of the crooked law abiding judge so he could tweet a nasty note on how the judge is not ruling in favor of true white people fear, and needed to recognize that because of DACA, so many hard working Americans are American’ts since they are losing valuable jobs in the fast food and grocery store industries.

The Supreme court heard closing arguments in the case Trump v Hawaii which deals with the third iteration of the travel ban by the current administration. The case, centered around Hawaii’s rejection of the ban, will ultimately determine whether the President has the authority to create such a rule that keeps certain people from entering the country without legal backing from Congressional actions. Although the conservative arm of the court appears to back Trump on his actions, the liberal justices took the counsel to task, with Justice Kegal offering a scenario where the target were Jews, with counsel reassuring the court that Trump, “loves the Jewy people, and would never block entry to the country from anyone who could help him get around tax laws.”

Bill Cosby is going to jail. A jury ruled Thursday that Cosby was guilty of drugging and taking sexual advantage of a woman. The verdict comes in the second trial against Cosby, the first ending in a hung jury. This time, however, more women were allowed to testify against Cosby, allowing the Prosecution to establish a viable pattern against Cosby’s actions. No word on how long Cosby will serve, however, one thing is for certain, the 80 year old former Television star and comedian will have lots of jello in jail.

Emanuel Macron paid a visit to the US earlier this week. Monday and Tuesday was a lovefest style tour with El Presidente Trump, eating lots of French Toast, French Fries, and begets from Harris Teeter before being hosted to Trump’s first official State Dinner Tuesday night. Macron sat with the President and tried to convince the Tweeter in Chief that the US would gain a lot by staying in the Iranian Nuclear deal, things like better Heroin. However, on the next day, Macron went before congress and went anti-Trump by criticizing populism, nationalism, and many other of Trump’s greatest hits. Macron even went after those who question climate change, offering this possible scenario: If you’re wrong, there is no planet-B.

Monday was conquered by another royal, when William and Kate welcomed their third child, the yet un-named 5th heir to the crown. At 8 lbs, 7 ozs, the new son of the eldest of Diana’s children did little damage to his mother who left the hospital 7 hours after his birth in heels and hair to die for leaving millions of women to simply respond “that bitch ain’t real.”

And that’s the news, or some of it, for this week…(exit soundbite)



Welcome to the LocalFiles, this week we take a look at Bend, Oregon, a small town in central Oregon located just east of the Willamette and Deschutes National Forests. Our story comes from the local Newspaper The Bulletin which highlighted an minor controversy over a local church that has been caught in the middle of a dispute over whether it should be able to host weddings at a separate location from its primary location.

The church has a venue in Sisters, Oregon that lies north west of Bend where the church claims its home – which just happens to be the home of the pastor himself. Shepherdsfield Church is a nondenominational church that began holding services at the home of John and Stephanie Shepherd in 2008. Shepherd has been a pastor since the 1970s, and began the church after he and his wife, who also helps John in marriage counseling, decided to begin their own church where they focus on relationships.

The controversy lies in the fact that Shepherdsfield church holds wedding ceremonies at a large estate in Sisters, which the local group Central Oregon LandWatch claims should not be allowed because Shepherd applied to hold the weddings with the county as an individual, not as the church which means he may be in violation of what is known as a 501(c)(3) which defines Shepherdsfield as a church, and protects its tax status. Because Shepherd is officiating as the pastor of the church, but the church is not profiting from the venue, the group claims that he is in violation of the 501(c)(3) status, and should not be allowed to proceed.

The group also claims that Shepherd is in violation of a farm management plan, an agreement that determines how Shepherd can use the land, and what minimal limitations he has to abide by. Shepherd has testified that he meets the minimum by grazing numerous heads of cattle and raising chickens on the land so he can continue to use the venue that is a picturesque spot in the heart of the Willamette National Forest. Shepherd also claimed in the article that the environmental group has been attacking he and his wife ever since he built the venue, even though everything is registered legally with the county, he abides by all the laws governing the forest and the farm agreement, and he is offering a modestly priced experience for the public so they can create unforgettable memories.

“LandWatch has been attacking us for five years,” Shepherd said. “Whatever step we’ve made, they’ve attacked on whatever grounds they can scramble up, and some are pretty scrambled.”

“I’m not some artful dodger who’s trying to call myself a church,” he said. “I’m a legitimate pastor with legitimate credentials.”

Here’s hoping he can find a resolution, and continue with his work.

And that’s all for the LocalFiles for this week,  remember, if you have a local story you want read on the BetaFiles, email it to us at thebetafiles23@gmail.com, or send it through Facebook messenger or Twitter DM. You can find us on both networks as thebetafiles.  (exit soundbite)



Dr J Segment:

                                                (soundbite for J)

Ok –it is time to welcome my dear friend and colleague Dr. J. who is here to join me in a short discussion about what has become known as white privilage and the white agenda – this is gonna be pretty good – …What’s up, man?

(Exit soundbite)

Closing segment:

As always, thanks to Dr J for stopping by and talking with us.

For my final segment this week, I want to return to the article I referenced at the beginning of the last segment.

One of the problems with the argument of Political Correctness is the thin line that is drastically defended. It’s one thing to understand where past atrocities lie, it’s another to completely make them disappear. Removing classic white art that defined Western Civilization, inspired and exposed the problems of that civilization, and served as the perfect norm for which alternative art movements that represent not only other racially defined ideals, but political, societal, and sexual ideals that challenge and change the “white normal” – if you remove the classic Greek and Roman world, where it is undeniable that white culture was established, then you remove the currency that these other art forms can gain, and the relevance it provokes is lost.

If we look at the new museum that opened in Alabama this Thursday, it is surrounded by ghosts of the confederacy, and because of that, it draws even more currency and relevance into a conversation that is not being had. This is the value of it.

I think there are times where we go beyond what is needed. Acknowledging wrongs, and changing systemic ways of how that wrongs became so it will not become again is how we move forward. Removing the past, as our history has shown us, does nothing but leave us without explanations of who any of us are and why we became who we are.

There is systemic racism. As long as there are humans, there will always be systemic racism. If there is an extreme right, there is an extreme left, and the extreme left is just as racist as the extreme right. Call it what you want, but an extreme left-wing individual will never conceded that an extreme right wing individual has the same rights as them, nor are their lives as valuable. We know this because of their literature.

I often explain to my students that they need to read the Bible and Mien Kompf simply because both texts give us a real world picture of how a group or groups of people thought, reacted, and built philosophies and social constructs. We will not become Jew hating Nazis if we read Mien Kompf, nor will we become bible thumping back wood preachers. But, if read objectively with a desire to understand how people thought and why they thought the way they did, then we gain perspective and knowledge. Without that understanding, it becomes pointless to read any literature.

And that is where the argument over the classic writers and artists falls – it falls in this weird area where the extreme right and left are fighting to command the conversation, not lead or engage with, but command. Dictate. Control. It should not be this way. The classic arts are a necessary for a truly complete education. And so are the other “minority” arts that have been pushed aside for so long.

In short, we shouldn’t be getting rid of the classics, instead, we should be sliding them over to make room for other arts, other views of the world. Combined together we have a complete vision of the human experience, and we can see the errors in all of them so we can build positive messages for generations to come.

And that’s the show for this week. Next week, we’ll have another fun look at the headlines from the week, Dr J will join me for a fun discussion about who knows what, and so much more. For Dr J, I am The Barbour, thank you for coming by. Make it a great day, and always remember, as long as the sun rises there is opportunity. Take it…

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