So, exactly what is The BetaFiles?

When I was in grad school, I was introduced to Word Press and the idea of the blog. I started with a simple looking blog called VanNordan’s Loft about being a father and stepfather who was trying to navigate graduate studies. As time progressed, I stopped. Then, around 2013, I tried to get the blog going again, this time focusing on being a twice divorced single man. That didn’t pan out either.

Around 2015, I wrote a new post about major league baseball and my undying love for it. I left the post there for a while and promised myself that I would build on that.

Nope, didn’t happen.

Finally, in 2018, I started building this brand with a sincere drive to keep it going. I recruited another writer to help with content, came up with a couple of (what I thought) catchy recurring click bait columns, and started a podcast that would be the marquee of the site. We published 67 posts and 10 podcast episodes before my wife became seriously ill and was forced to have surgery. The illness and subsequent surgery led me to suspend (what I had planned to be temporarily) the podcast and eventually the continued publications.

After a tumultuous 7 months at the end of 2018 and early 2019, things began to calm down a bit. Professionally, I found stability I had lost a few years before and was able to help my wife secure our home financially in ways we had felt was lost due to all of the unfortunate events of the previous year.

Meanwhile, The BetaFiles was still lingering in the back of my head. I re-upped with Word Press to keep the domain name, just in case…

However, I knew that if I got this thing going again, I would want to take it in a different direction. During the brief 10 episode run of the original podcast, I was not completely satisfied with the overall format. I wrote it in a three-act frame with a focus on the news and current events. I promised in the first episode that we would stay away from national trends in headlines, and broke that promise in the second episode because, like everyone else, I lost myself to the cyclone of Trump’s news cycle.

And so, the NEW BetaFiles was born. The idea this time is to entertain. I kept one segment from the podcast and threw out the rest. Now the adventure begins – May 8, 2020 is the re-launch date for the new series. What is The BetaFiles? It’s another attempt of a failed rock star / playwright to do something creative. Hopefully, this time it will stick…

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