Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Now, more than ever, we need to invest in local news. The national media, with complete disregard to any kind of truly objective reporting on events, has lost all credibility to local communities. We are at a moment in our history where we will have to sever ties with the northeastern elite media machine and focus solely on what is happening in our 1) states, 2) counties, and 3) municipalities (be it towns, villages, or cities). The continued focus of D.C. politics, corporate interests, and northeastern cultural whims has created a destructively divisive society where it does not matter who you are, where you are from, how you were raised, or what beliefs you have as long as you fall in line to the narrative being presented by the toxic division politics of a cancel culture run amuck. We are losing our very way of life to a focused narrative that only vaguely applies to our daily lives. We need to make our stand now before we lose everything.

How do we do that? First of all, we do so through non-violent passive action – we turn off the cable news and we cancel subscriptions to national media publications. We then invest in local newspapers, local news channels, local weekly non-profit community magazines and journals. Large corporate entities from the northeast have invaded local news organizations for quick financial rewards. It has led to a gutting of proper fact based non-biased local reporting that in turn has harmed the very core of American life and forced us all into seeing only what the national media machine wants us to see. Each community needs to re-evaluate how they want their news delivered and then invest in it. If your local paper has been gobbled up by a national chain that is threatening to shut it down, we need to abandon it and start a new paper that builds itself on the promise of reporting locally, fund it through public dollars as a non-profit, and find every way we can to protect it from any future buy out by another national chain.

Secondly, we need to focus less on national politics and focus more on local politics. The system originally built by the founding fathers was a system where real power of the nation rested on the House and Senate – local populations were meant to control these very institutions, but we have lost that power to corporate interests and national political narratives. It is time we, as local municipalities, take the power back through nominating and electing non-party affiliated candidates who will not tow a party line but instead address the issues of the community they represent. If they are elected and fail to do so, we nominate someone else to take their place. If we are going to get out of this mess, we must get rid of the national political parties and focus on independent minded, independent voting, local representatives that will vote based on local priorities first and national priorities second. A local press will help in this by forcing these individuals to keep their policies in check. No more fretting over Senators from Kentucky or Florida or California when you live in Nebraska, Alaska, or North Carolina. We focus our news on our Representatives and Senators only. They are the ones accountable to us, it is time we had a press that served us locally.

Third, we need to keep the national headlines at arm’s length in our news. There will always be important events nationally that will affect us, but they do not need to dominate our local news cycle. There is no reason why we should locally be worried about some other town or city that has no bearing our own local issues. So we need to purge the constant noise and replace it with smaller coverage focusing instead on the local and regional issues that are present for each of us.

Finally, we need to hijack social media and force Silicone Valley to change their algorithms to serve the local and not the national. Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow live in New York. Let them cover shit for New Yorkers. We do not need them in Pilot Mountain, NC. We need social media to allow the communities to deal solely on what is happening here, wherever that here is.

And we need to cancel the cancel culture by eliminating social media’s role in “debate.” It is time we used social media to forge new ideas for the local – listen to ALL of the local concerns, and use social media as the platform to inform our local press and politicians as to what WE, the local population, need from them. Social media can be used for community sound boards that can affect change – we’ve seen it happen before to great results – it is now time to take that power away from the toxic cancel culture elites and reinforced Alt-right negatives of MAGA trolls and give it back to the local communities.

If we are going to change, we have to start with our homes, our local communities, and our local politics. And the only way for us to do so is to start with our local press. The national media, though it has done wonders for us in the past, has been stolen away from downtown America by greed and power-hungry celebrity figures who would never make it locally. It is time to refocus on who we are as communities and remember that this is a nation of regions. It has never been a nation of Maddow or Hannity. It is time we woke up and realized this simple fact. If we do not, we will lose ourselves to hating our neighbors over some “unforgivable” political allegiance to a national political figure that doesn’t even know the name of the town you live in. That, dear friends, is the unforgivable crime of the national media – liberal and conservative.

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