Why Batman should not kill

I’ve often complained to my friends and family about making Batman a killer in Zack Snyder’s “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” I’ve realized however, that I often fail to properly articulate exactly why this angers me as much as it does.

In making Batman a murderer, you’ve taken away a lot of what seperates Batman from any other costumed vigilante. Batman’s moral code is what makes him interesting, it’s what makes him special. Once you’ve taken that away, you lose the character.

I’ve seen the argument made that “this version does kill and you should just get over it.” I think that is an incredibly weak argument, because it misses the entire point of the anger towards this version of Batman. I don’t think of this character as “just another version of Batman,” because I don’t see what makes him Batman. Sure, his parents were murdered in an alley, and sure, he dresses like a bat and hangs out is a cave, but he doesn’t act like Batman. The actions of the character define the character, not the events that happen to the character. Although Nolan’s Batman didn’t draw directly from comic stories very often, it will forever be a more accurate representation of Batman then Snyder’s version, no matter how many shots he pulls from “The Dark Knight Returns.”

I can’t say that I’m excited for the Snyder cut of “Justice League,” because I know how Snyder views these characters. When I watch Batman, I want to watch Batman, not some guy in a bat costume.

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