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Rearview Mirror

When I set out to create something, I typically stumble all over myself at first as I look for a pattern to establish. Rarely does the original outlined idea actually happen as I realize, through the creative process, that I was short sighted in how the thing I wanted was going to be achieved. What ends up as the end product is almost always the product of my aforementioned stumbling. This is how creating art of any kind works and it takes patience, dedication, and stubbornness to achieve. There are exceptions to this rule, but not everyone is a savant nor can they be. But those of us who have creative drives need to learn that in an ever increasing ADD world, finding the right stumbling block takes time – 99 percent of us will never see that right moment at the right place. But we will see our ideas come to fruition, even if it doesn’t look exactly like what we originally thought. [MORE]

Piano Man

During this continued human reset known as the COVID pandemic, one thing has become more prominent as we search for meaning in a universe of masks and Instacart deliveries: the art of binge-watching. But what exactly are we binge-watching? In my household, there are currently three chains happening: the reality TV shows that my wife is engorging each day, the obscure UFO documentaries and YouTube review videos I am ingesting daily, and the 90s comedy shows we are sharing together. But what will happen by fall when we have overexposed ourselves to the massive, but finite libraries of content on the web and there is no new content being released by the networks? This could be a serious issue for the entertainment industry that no one is really talking about. [MORE]

Semi-Charmed Life

In our first “Optic Poet” segment, Dr. J jokingly started the video by noting, “I hate my house” and “I love my children. I loved them more two months ago.” Although we laughed, I later wondered how much I have slipped into the COV-atigue. The reality is that I have replaced my “old” routines with new ones that have become more monotonous, more restrictive, and way less exciting. This is not news, unfortunately. We are all finding new ways to engage with mediocrity and limited shared space. [MORE]

Across the Universe

At what point did we become so petty? For years I have tried to understand why we have made climate change, abortion, civil rights, and the first amendment political issues that we defend vigorously with little to no regard of who is challenging us. Now, during the largest crisis in my lifetime, I am watching us divide ourselves over a virus as we argue over personal rights and which personal rights our government can or cannot impede on. I don’t understand. [MORE]

(Don’t Fear) The Reaper

Lifelong fears are remarkable. They fill us with anxiety over what others may see as asinine or irrelevant. But for those who fear them, they are as real as the air we use to fill our lungs. We rationalize them, find ways to avoid the consequences that lead to them, and we March through each day envisioning the end goal of that fear – the ultimate pay day when the fear comes to collect. But what happens when we pass the threshold that encompasses that fear? What happens when we turn to look back on the fear instead of looking forward at it as we always have?

Today, I am in that unique position as, today, I have officially lived longer than my father.  [MORE]


Make it a great day, and always remember: if the sun rises, there is opportunity. Take it.

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