Go Home GQ, You’re Drunk

As I've mentioned before, I'm a literature major and if I've learned anything in my study of belles-lettres, it's that fiction hasn't fared very well in this postmodern world. I don’t mean quality-wise; there’s plenty of fiction out there that holds its own with Hemingway, Hurston, or Fitzgerald. For example, Margaret Atwood tackles Christian theonomy … Continue reading Go Home GQ, You’re Drunk

Are We Really Having This Conversation Again?

Are We Really Having This Conversation Again? By now, you've heard about the van attack in Toronto where Alek Minassian allegedly drove onto the sidewalk and mowed down pedestrians, killing ten and injuring fourteen. You may have also heard of a possible motive: his lack of success with women. If you're thinking this sounds familiar, you're … Continue reading Are We Really Having This Conversation Again?