The Dark Knight Returns, maybe

Earlier this week, a rumor started circulating within all the major comic news outlets claiming that Michael Keaton has signed a multi-picture deal to reprise this roll of Batman, specifically the same Batman that appeared in 1989's "Batman" and 1992's "Batman Returns," ignoring the 2 films made by the late director Joel Schumacher. These rumors … Continue reading The Dark Knight Returns, maybe

SpaceRanger: Asteroids, Fuzzy Planets, and Heartbeats

Space is massive, expansive, more than the mind could possibly imagine. Events on the universal scale, events of massive proportion, happen every hour of every day, but it's rare to hear about them in the mainstream. So, when a number of outlets start reporting on them, it's big. This week, the biggest of these stories … Continue reading SpaceRanger: Asteroids, Fuzzy Planets, and Heartbeats